Application/Structural Engineer

Application/Structural Engineer

Position Summary

Perform the processing of high-complexity technical requests applied to large-scale projects. The incumbent will be called upon to intervene continuously throughout these projects and to act as a technical expert. He is called upon to validate the conformity of the installation and the sealing of the plans he has supervised. These requests require the development of appropriate tools or specific calculations. The incumbent must also be involved in the creation of training content.

Main collaborators: Production, Design, Customer Service, Estimating, Project Management, Representatives // Architects, External Engineers, Specialized Contractors.

Job Responsibilities

  • Design functional architectural assembly details that meet building code requirements.
  • Design structural chambers that meet the various design constraints issued by our clients.
  • Seal plans that ensure the structural/functional compliance of Norbec products.
  • Perform various engineering calculations.
  • Participate in the assembly of test benches and the assembly of prototypes.
  • Participate in upstream innovation.
  • Ensure compliance of the solutions/products developed with current building codes (CNBC/IBC).
  • Maintain up-to-date level of knowledge of his/her duties.
  • Technological/strategic watch.
  • Participate in various product design meetings (design review).
  • Answer technical questions using the various engineering tools developed.
  • Create calculation tools to speed up the processing of technical support requests.
  • Create training content to disseminate and sustain technical knowledge within the company.
  • Administer product and other technical training.
  • Technical content creation.
  • Perform installation inspections and report, in collaboration with the sales team, inspection results.
  • Ensure the safety of occupants in the solutions/product designed.
  • Ensure the performance of solutions/products designed in line with the company’s values.
  • Prepare Thermal Simulations.
  • Coordinate the design of sealed plans with external engineering firms (other provinces and states).

Education and experience required.

  • Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, Construction or equivalent.
  • Experience in the construction field.
  • Member in good standing of the OIQ.
  • Experience – 5 years relevant technical experience.
  • Computer knowledge.
  • Reading plans and specifications.
  • Mastery of Autocad.
  • Knowledge of the office.
  • Jira knowledge (asset).
  • Knowledge of SharePoint (asset).
  • Epicor knowledge (asset).
  • Bilingualism (advanced).


  • Goal-oriented.
  • Rigor / organization.
  • Analytical and synthesis skills.
  • Collaborator (team player).
  • Innovative.
  • Autonomy.
  • Customer-oriented.
  • Initiative.

Starting salary $89,000.00 annually

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