I3 Temperature and Alarm Module

The I3 control module is used to manage and control such as alarms, temperature and several variables. It allows for simpler, more efficient energy management.


  • The module is fully integrated into the door frame
  • Complete installation by the installer


  • Easy user configuration


  • Clear temperature display and various alarms available
  • Reduces the risk of food loss
  • Reduces costs using light controls
  • Energy saving


  • Provides security for employees such as a panic button


  • Temperature display in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • High and low temperature alarms
  • Manual / automatic lighting control
  • Open door alarm
  • Emergency alarm with interior,  illuminated button



  • Alarm with separate mute button
  • External alarm signal with dry contact, NO or NC
  • Alarm indicating fan fault (lack of air flow)
  • Three-way manual or automatic lighting for two-door cold rooms
  • Temperature probe in a glycerine container to prevent false temperature readings

A simple, smart and practical module that provides safety and energy savings