A New Color Guide is now Available!

May 16, 2022

After two years, Norbec, with the help of their clients, has reviewed its assortment and is now proud to offer 25 colors in SMP and PVDF finishes. Along with new colors, clients will also be able to get information on the coatings offered as well as the profiles and finishes available at Norbec. Specific interior needs options are also now accessible in this brochure.

The need for a more divers offering of colors was the main objective when creating this brochure, and with the addition of all the new colors, Norbec believes even more that this assortment will help achieve any vision. Everything is available from a variety of whites to greys as well as reds, blues and greens. Download the brochure to take along on any project development.

The brochure was designed to mimic as closely as possible the color of steel, but don’t hesitate to order our mini fan of steel samples to get the real visual of the colors and to be able to make the best choices for your projects

Contact one of our representatives to get more information regarding specific projects and product availability.


Download the Brochure