About Us

Norbec is a North American leader in manufacturing both prefabricated walk-in coolers & freezers and doors as well as architectural insulated metal panels for building envelopes.

  • Customer-Centred Approach

  • High Quality and Lasting Products

  • Unparalleled Customer Service

  • Tech Support

  • Highly Innovative

  • A team ready for any challenge!

Our commitment

We are committed to making quality products that are tailored to your needs, delivering them on time, and providing unparalleled technical support.

Our Mission

To be a partner you can trust to successfully implement any projects


Norbec is known for its robust product offering. All our ranges are designed with  long-term performance properties without compromising on quality.


The customer is at the center of our concerns. It’s in obstacle facing situations that one recognizes the quality of true business partnership. Norbec is known to handle challenges by resolving them diligently.


Norbec has forged strong relationships over time with large-scale clients as a result of strong commitment to providing innovative solutions to the changing and ever-increasing needs of its clients. Norbec is recognized as a pioneer in its industry by continually introducing exclusive innovations in each of its markets.

Successful results

These values form the core of Norbec making them known in the industry and helping to create long-term partnerships and exclusive agreements with leaders in Canada. These qualities and competences cherished by Norbec are the reason for their success and growth.

Trust and Respect

Norbec Inc. teams have always been at the center of organizational priorities. The management team, while having performance requirements, favors a participatory management style that allows staff to evolve in a friendly atmosphere. Trust and respect are at the heart of the company’s values, as well as direct communication and the implementation of promising initiatives. The result? A committed team with a strong sense of belonging and a high retention rate. A team that has sustained sales growth and has the capacity to meet future challenges together