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Meeting the Most Demanding Requirements of Sterile Environments

Clean room environments need to be maintained at precise temperatures to prevent equipment breakage or the risk of impact on the substances stored in these rooms. Costly materials are kept in laboratories or test rooms which require reliable and secure products for the construction of these environments.

Clean room sectors of activity

  • Healthcare
  • Technological
  • Hospitals
  • Laboratories
  • Morgues

High-quality laboratory finish

Norbec offers a variety of finishes for these types of applications which offer superior resistance to marks and corrosion. It can be washed with high-pressure water treatments and can withstand intensive cleaning products.

Products to meet specific requirements:

  • Modular insulating panels for considerable flexibility
  • Glazed, pivoting or sliding doors
  • Finishing accessories (PVC or lacquered aluminum corner fillets, baseboards, protective beams)
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  • NOREX®  Panel
  • NOROC®  Panel

NOREX® Polyisocyanurate (Polyurethane) Core Panel    

Norex is an energy-efficient architectural insulated panel for building envelope constructions. Its core consists of polyisocyanurate (polyurethane), a rigid insulation in the form of closed cell expanded foam.

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Components that can be used

Rounded Corner Moldings

For special project, the need for rounded corners is a requirement. Norbec offers the possibility of adding rounded corner moldings made out of PVC to achieve this.

Suspended Ceilings

For interior applications, panels can be used as suspended ceilings to ensure a superior seal throughout all the sides of the room. PVC moldings are added to provide solidity to the seals as well as to conceal the suspension. Pedestrian traffic is permitted and easily accessible for maintenance purposes.

Embedded Components

To accommodate certain elements such as electrical, pumbling and communication lines, embedded box and pipes can be added in the panels along the walls and ceilings. These elements can either be recessed or be accessible depending on the specific needs of the project.


Embedded Ventilation System

Many sectors of activity have specific terms in health and sanitation requirements. A ventilation system can be integrated in the panels in order to help air circulate in a specific room or in multiple rooms. The integration of the system is assembled in factory and wired on site preventing any discrepancies in the end product.

Corrosion & Scratch Resistant Finish

Advantica® L Control is a laminate specifically designed for controlled environments. This highly resistant finish meets the stringent requirements of controlled environments in applications such as food processing and preparation, cold storage and packing, pharmaceutical clean rooms and medical environment.

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HC-200, The Insulated Metal Personnel Door

Ensure safe foot traffic between food processing plant and passage areas, offices, restrooms and other amenities.

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