NOROC Architectural Panel

Fire Rated Rock-wool core panels

Noroc is a high performance fire-rated insulated architectural panel.

Noroc has a mineral core made of a rigid stone-fiber insulation board composed of natural basalt rock and recycled slag. In addition to being non-combustible, it offers excellent fire resistance properties in addition to meeting health requirements. The core’s natural inorganic content yields an environmentally friendly, fully recyclable panel.

The fire resistance of the panel varies between forty-five minutes to three hours depending on its thickness. In addition, Noroc shares the same properties as Norex, being thermal resistant as well as being an acoustic and humidity barrier. This mineral core panel has seen an increase in demand for the construction of governmental institutions such as hospitals, schools, residences, etc. As with Norex panels, Noroc can be applied indoors or outdoors depending on the projects’ specifications.


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