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Turnkey solution for walk-ins and refrigeration equipment

Whether a restaurant, a hotel, a cafeteria or an institution, there are different aspects to consider before planning a kitchen space and choosing equipment. Once the needs are determined, planning according to the available space and evaluating the kitchen flow to best accommodate the various stations to optimize space and work efficiency.

Many people are involved in project management therefore Norbec believes in offering a turnkey solution for walk-in coolers and freezers and refrigeration equipment to save time, minimize costs and offer a reliable service network.

Thousands of dollars’ worth of food sits in walk-in coolers and freezers. Therefore, ensuring the performance, energy efficiency, and reliability of these equipment is essential.

Maximize space and efficiency

Thanks to its manufacturing flexibility, Norbec creates fully customized cold rooms using modular insulated panels, taking into account industry constraints and norms. Norbec works closely with food service consultants to create more efficient and more effective refrigerated spaces.

Why work with Norbec?

  • High quality products that meet all requirements while adapting to dimensional constraints
  • A variety of options & accessories to maximize the value of any project
  • Refrigeration systems
  • Delivery and installation
  • Technical support
  • After-sales service

 Foodservice service applications

  • Restaurants
  • Fast food restaurants
  • Cafeteria
  • Hotels
  • Meat aging rooms
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  • Custom Walk-In
  • ModaSPACE
  • Doors

Custom Walk-Ins

Norbec has designed thousands of projects from restaurants, hotels, professional kitchens and more. Their custom cold rooms are manufactured according to specification dimensions while taking into account available space. Multiple configurations are available: coolers, freezers, combos, refrigerated or dry storage. Solutions are tailored to any needs to allow the maximal use of any space.

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Components that can be used

Hands Free Door Opener

Introducing the safe way to open your cold room! Opting for Norbec’s foot pedal ensures safe and efficient operations.

Protect yourself and others now!

Refrigeration & Compressors

Norbec offers a complete range of refrigeration systems to meet every need in different types of environments. Conventional units include the IntellirefV2 system with electronically controlled temperature and defrost cycle.

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Intelliref V2 The new refrigeration control system

The INTELLIREF V2 & INTELLIREF V2 Low Temperature controller simplifies refrigeration control by combining the functions of a thermostat and defrost time clock. This robust design provides a wide range of medium & low temperature applications with air electric* defrost.

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IM4 Lighting, Alarm and Temperature Monitor

Ensure the safety of your staff and guarantee the freshness of your food with a reliable and easy to use monitor.

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In some environments, especially kitchens, the presence of moisture caused by dishwashers can lead to a risk of mold.
To prevent this unfortunate situation, Norbec developed a solution to reduce the risk of mold accumulation around
the cold rooms.

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NextGrip Slip-Resistant Floor

Norbec is proud to present its new floor option, NextGrip. This product was strategically designed to improve stability and adherence for a more optimal and productive work space while reducing the risks of accidents for employees.

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