Ninth Avenue Foods made a strategic decision by selecting Norbec to provide insulated metal panels for both the building envelope and the interior walls and ceilings of their cutting-edge, 260,000-square-foot beverage production facility located in Columbus, Indiana.

As a family-owned enterprise specializing in the production of extended shelf-life dairy and dairy alternative products, Ninth Avenue Foods relies on a unique combination of high-temperature processes and an ultra-clean filling environment. This distinctive approach empowers them to package dairy and non-dairy products with an extended shelf-life, all while preserving the essential nutritional qualities of their offerings.

Swift Success: Norbec Panels and Quality Interiors Meet Tight Project Deadlines

For Ninth Avenue Foods, the timing of this project was of utmost importance, with a pressing need for completion within a tight schedule. The rapid installation of Norbec panels, expertly executed by Quality Interiors, played a pivotal role in meeting Ninth Avenue Foods’ tight project timeline.

Advanced Insulation: Preserving Dairy Quality and Energy Efficiency with IMPs

Effective insulation is paramount when it comes to the storage of dairy products, as maintaining precise temperature and humidity levels is essential to preserve product quality. IMPs have advanced insulation properties which create a highly efficient thermal barrier, ensuring consistent temperature control within the facility. This not only safeguards the integrity of Ninth Avenue Foods’ products but also contributes to energy efficiency, reducing operational costs over time.

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