Solutions for various applications

Benefitting of many years of expertise in both camlock and continuous panels, the versatility of Norbec’s products allows the development of tailor-made solutions for a wide variety of projects. The research and development team in collaboration of engineers at Norbec work closely with clients to create innovative solution for all out of the ordinary projects.


Various applications:

  • Vertical Growing
  • Refrigerated transport
  • Construction site trailers
  • Bathroom trailers
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Components that can be used

Specialized Heavy-Load Rails

The need to move heavy-load items from one room to another can be seen in serveral sectors of activity. Specialized heavy-load rails for products, such as meat carcasses, can be added to any project if required. The panels are custom made to accommodate any size of rail and its height requirements.

Rounded Corner Moldings

For special project, the need for rounded corners is a requirement. Norbec offers the possibility of adding rounded corner moldings made out of PVC to achieve this.

Custom Doors for Specific Needs


Embedded Components

To accommodate certain elements such as electrical, pumbling and communication lines, embedded box and pipes can be added in the panels along the walls and ceilings. These elements can either be recessed or be accessible depending on the specific needs of the project.


Embedded Ventilation System

Many sectors of activity have specific terms in health and sanity requirements. A ventilation system can be integrated in the panels in order to help air circulate in a specific room or in multiple rooms. The integration of the system is assembled in factory and wired on site preventing any discrepancies in the end product.

Some of our Projects