Actions talk louder than words

We do our part to take care of the environment and our people.

We are proud to contribute to a sustainable world by giving back to the society while producing responsibly and participating in durable construction projects.


Our Commitment

Our commitment starts with supporting fellow humans while leaving an environmentally friendly footprint for the next generations to enjoy.


Our Planet

All our projects are carefully audited to ensure that each construction is built according to a green, efficient and durable life cycle.


Our People

We donate over $100 000 per year to charities that we value and we are proud supporters of tomorrow’s generations.

Innovate and Produce Sustainably

Regardless of the size and scope of your project, Norbec is proud to respect the environment and put stronger emphasis on human health by using recyclable and sustainable building materials.

Made from high-end materials, our products are designed to last over time. Our durable and tailor-made solutions also provide significant energy savings, thanks to superior insulating properties.

Norbec takes concreate continuous actions in order to be recognized as an open and transparent entity. As proof, we are a LEED certified manufacturer for our architectural and camlock panels.

Your ecological connection starts with our Insulated Metal Panel lines!

LEED: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

We are devoted to manufacturing responsible quality products to offer our customers reliable, durable and safe buildings for them to operate effectively. 

Our product contribution to the LEED® system makes us a solid connection for the next sustainable constructions.

We are taking the green and long term direction, and you?

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Giving Back to The Community

We have the future of next generations at heart and are proud to be able to give back to the community by aligning ourselves with causes and other local initiatives that directly or indirectly affect us.

From cycling challenges encouraging young people to do physical activity to scholarships highlighting the good work of a student with great potential, we try every day to do our part.

Doing what’s right for our people also means taking care of our employees by providing them with an optimal, respectful and pleasant work climate while encouraging them to achieve their goals.

• Diversity & inclusion • Merits & recognition • Social events & activities

Human Rights

Norbec has established clear policies and commitments to support its efforts to create a healthy planet and society. Respect for human rights is paramount, and Norbec is committed to preventing forced and child labor.

Read the Report Under Bill S-211