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  • NOREX® -S Panel
  • Camlock Panel
  • Custom Door for Specific Need

NOREX® – S  Joint

Polyisocyanurate (Polyurethane) Core Panel  

Norex-S is a high-resistance continuous panel used primarly for food processing plant walls. It’s core consists of polyisocyanurate (polyurethane), a rigid insulation in the form of closed cell expanded foam.

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Ensuring Precision within Controlled Environments 

Norbec has a rich history of delivering cutting-edge insulated solutions tailored to controlled environments, encompassing diverse sectors like food processing plants, cold storage facilities, packaging centers, and specialized grow rooms. Our unwavering commitment to precision temperature control, impeccable hygiene standards, and unparalleled energy efficiency underscores our understanding of the pivotal role these factors play in controlled environments. With our advanced range of insulated metal panels, and custom doors we guarantee a steadfast maintenance of optimal temperatures, energy savings, and a relentless commitment to a consistently clean and hygienic environment. 

Meeting Food and Safety Requirements 

The quality and freshness of foods is important, but the challenge resides in preserving it once the food exits the plant. Therefore, it needs to be kept in sheltered and controlled environments to ensure these standards are met during the entire process. Whether meat and poultry, fruits and vegetables or dairy and egg products, manufacturers require reliable, safe and energy efficient environment. 

The Right Insulation for Energy Efficiency Resistant Finishes  

In controlled environments, temperature, humidity, and air quality are carefully regulated to preserve the integrity of stored items. Our state-of-the-art insulation solutions guarantee precise control over these variables. Our insulated metal panels feature a technologically advanced closed-cell polyurethane core, effectively mitigating moisture ingress. The meticulously designed panel joints, fortified by our camlock system, create an impermeable barrier that withstands rigorous cleaning procedures and chemical exposure. By virtually eliminating thermal bridges, our insulation minimizes energy wastage, ensuring cost-effective and eco-friendly operation. 


Resistant Finishes

Within controlled environments, the interaction between stored items and their surroundings can lead to corrosive effects. Our solutions address this challenge through our specialized finishes, such as the resilient Advantica finish. A laminate specially formulated to meet the most stringent requirements of atmosphere-controlled environments such as food processing, preparation, storage and packaging. 

Custom projects that require maximum storage space, controlled energy efficiency and optimizes labor effectiveness are offered using a variety of products. Norbec’s production equipment allows the fabrication of large panels, which can either be continuous or camlock panels. The insulated panels and supplied accessories are designed to ensure an efficient and fast assembly to adapt to any project type. 

Elevate Precision with Us 

Elevate your controlled environments to new levels of efficiency and reliability with our solutions. Experience the synergy of cutting-edge insulation, enduring finishes, and personalized guidance. Together, we create spaces where precision thrives and where the most delicate processes and products are nurtured with care. 

Need expertise and advice?

Norbec is the perfect partner in any project type by offering expertise and advice on specific applications such as:

  • Food processing
  • Cold storage solutions
  • Holticultural
  • Grow rooms
  • Freezers and coolers (Over 3000 sq. ft)
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Components that can be used

Corrosion & Scratch Resistant Finish

Advantica® L Control is a laminate specifically designed for controlled environments. This highly resistant finish meets the stringent requirements of controlled environments in applications such as food processing and preparation, cold storage and packing, pharmaceutical clean rooms and medical environment.

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CL-1750-E, The New Electric Sliding Door

This ultra sturdy and durable door equipped with the Electric E-Circuit System guarantees you greater efficiency and agility while ensuring employee safety.

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Suspended Ceilings

For interior applications, panels can be used as suspended ceilings to ensure a superior seal throughout all the sides of the room. PVC moldings are added to provide solidity to the seals as well as to conceal the suspension. Pedestrian traffic is permitted and easily accessible for maintenance purposes.

Doors adapted to rails

To ensure safety and avoid contamination, special equipment is necessary to handle larger pieces of meat. Norbec doors are easily adapted to add this type of equipment.


To protect the wall panels from damage caused by equipement, whether trolleys or forklifts, custom bumpers can be added at the desired height and width. These bumpers are made either from stainless steel, recycled plastic or high density polyethylene (HDPE).


HC-200, The Insulated Metal Personnel Door

Ensure safe foot traffic between food processing plant and passage areas, offices, restrooms and other amenities.

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