NOREX-S Insulated Panel

Norex is a high-resistance insulated metal panel

Polyisocyanurate (Polyurethane) Core Panels

In addition to offering unparalleled thermal value, Norex panel provides a fire resistant barrier. Its joint integrates a decompression chamber that prevents water from being drawn inwards, reducing the risk of penetration and humidity.

Norex Insulated Metal Panels offer multiple advantages such as superior insolation, durability and ease of installation as well as meeting strict health and safety
requirements. Each joint is factory-formed to ensure a smooth and aesthetic finish as well as food safety. 

Norex-S joint panels are ideal for your processing plant projects and controlled and refrigerated environments.

For food processing plants, the choice of continuous panels is most often used as it covers a greater surface area while still delivering peak performance, it is the ideal economic and robust solution.

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