Benefit from 40 years of expertise in the supermarket and convenience store industry

The supermarket industry has evolved a lot over the past few years, clients are changing their routines and now have different ways of procuring food. Whether people are going to the grocery directly, ordering online, having in-store pickups or having it delivered, the cold chain temperatures need to be maintained whether in stores or in the various storage spaces needed to ensure food safety and quality.

Over the past 40 years, Norbec has established numerous partnerships with Canada’s largest supermarket chains. Thanks to these relationships, Norbec has acquired an in-depth knowledge of this industries’ specific needs. The custom made and flexible solutions offer durable and heavy duty products while taking into consideration space and workforce optimization as well as energy efficiency. Nowadays, we continue to work closely with consultants to be on top of the latest industry developments.

We are your partner of choice for supermarkets and convenience stores

Custom made solutions are offered using a variety of products for all types of project requirements.

  • Insulated Architectural Panels
  • Custom built coolers and freezers
  • Specific temperature needs (ex. Dry-aging rooms)
  • Sliding doors
  • Hinged doors
  • Display glass doors

Supermarkets face the challenge of needing solid builds with longevity to withstand different equipments and intensive work environments. Norbec products assures performance and efficiency while helping stores deliver the best product to their clients.

Norbec’s solutions meet all market requirements such as:

  • High-quality, ultra-robust materials;
  • Intensive use resistance and increased performance;
  • User suggested and needed improved products;
  • Construction according to the customer’s specific dimensions.
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  • Custom Walk-In
  • NOREX®  Panel

Custom Walk-Ins

Their custom cold rooms are manufactured according to specification dimensions while taking into account available space. Multiple configurations are available: coolers, freezers, combos, refrigerated or dry storage. Solutions are tailored to any needs to allow the maximal use of any space.

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Sliding Doors

Timeless, Norbec’s sliding doors have become a standard in the supermarket and food processing industry. Benefit from their ease of operation, robustness and energy savings.

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Hinged Doors

Our hinged doors are designed to comply with industry regulations such as sanitary standards, energy standards, and building standards. Norbec ensures that space constraints are also taken into account to better meet industry needs.

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Heavy Duty Door Frames

Several years of research and collaboration with customers have allowed the Norbec design team to develop robust and durable door frames tailor-made to ensure both resistance and waterproofing. Find out more

Glass Doors

Designed as an entry-level door for applications requiring strong, robust and economical doors while still providing the value, wide range of sizes and multiple options that customers have grown accustomed to with. Find out more

Traffic Doors

Traffic doors are ideal for environments where door opening and closing are frequent. Provides protection and separation of commercial environments in addition to providing a sound and visual barrier.

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To protect the wall panels from damage caused by equipement, whether trolleys or forklifts, custom bumpers can be added at the desired height and width. These bumpers are made either from stainless steel, recycled plastic or high density polyethylene (HDPE).


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