Hinged Doors

The materials used to build our hinged doors are durable and assure superior sealing.

Our hinged doors are designed to comply with industry regulations such as sanitary standards, energy standards, and building standards. Norbec ensures that space constraints are also taken into account to better meet industry needs.

Technical specifications


  • Standard thickness from 3″ to 5”
  • The width of the door can vary from 24″ to 60″ (up to 120″ for a double door)
  • The height of the door can vary from 72” to 192”
  • Other dimensions available on request

Finishes / steel

  • White Silkline finish (Exclusive to Norbec)
  • Black Silkline finish (Exclusive to Norbec)
  • Stainless Steel finish
  • Natural embossed stucco finish
  • White embossed stucco finish
  • Other finishes available on request


  • The exterior and interior walls are insulated by a rigid PVC thermal break
  • Reinforcements are integrated into the door to ensure better durability
  • Easily replaceable seals. In addition, they are resistant to grease and detergents


  • Threshold aluminum thickness ¼” to 3/16”
  • Doors also include galvanized steel reinforcements at hardware anchor points
  • Kason handle and hinges with spring
  • Emergency opening system accessible inside the door


Door Technical Sheet PP-340

Door Technical Sheet PL-1750

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