Walk-in Combo with Outdoor Ref-System

 A first “reach-in cooler” for this segment

A new grocery store opened its doors to serve Orangeville community! We are glad we had the chance to be part of this project and gained a lot of experience in the designing, manufacturing and installing process of this walk-in combo for its interesting cooler & freezer combination; A “L” shape cooler of walk-in & reach-in.

Teamwork at its best

Kudos to our design team who worked very smartly to incorporate all the client needs on this project. There was extreme space constrain for installing a “fixed/std size reach-in” at this store. Our design team managed to customize it to fit in the available space with the support of our estimation team who offered a right and thin coil to fit within the limited space while meeting the required cooling temperature. This is a perfect example of a great teamwork that we demonstrated by focusing to meet customer’s needs and satisfaction on this challenging project.

Turnkey solution

Since we could add reach-in in our scope and customize it to fit into the space available, our client was super happy and saved a reasonable amount of money and time from buying a separate fixed size reach-in which might not have fitted into the existing space. Moreover, this customer felt very relieved and stress-free as he received all his walk-in & reach-in products under one unique umbrella.

Customizable refrigerated spaces

We personalized this job to meet client expectations, such as adding a reach-in and offering a thin line evaporator coils for this space. An exterior black finish as well as a manual sliding door and an outdoor ref-system were supplied to satisfy our partner requirements.

This C-Store project includes:

 1 x Walk-in Combo with 19 x glass doors | 1 x Sliding door | 1 x Panel door | outdoor ref-system

  • 7 x Freezer reach in glass doors
  • 12 x cooler reach in glass doors
  • 1 x Walk-in cooler | 1 x Sliding door | outdoor ref-system


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