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For this project, more than 10,000 square feet of insulated metal panels (IMPs) decorate the exterior of the sports center. Norbec spoke with Alexandre Guérin, Architect for over 10 years at STGM and also a professional photographer. Having already worked with us on other projects such as the Saint-Augustin sports complex, he says he appreciates our website for the selection of colors and the achievements presented.

Why Norbec IMPs

The ease of installation and the flexibility of insulated metal panels (IMPs) are for Alexandre an added value that had a great influence on his choice of Norbec products. With a limited budget for this aquatic center project, the experienced architect appreciated the economical aspect of IMPs. Architectural panels are an ideal material for sports centers because of their versatility and application on exterior and interior walls.

Versatility and aesthetics

Alexandre enjoyed exploring with our colors as they matched the wood on the building’s façade. This palette gave tribute to the pool section of the complex, creating a bright, monochromatic look.  “You have the widest range of choices among the most beautiful colors,” says Guérin. “The different lengths of Norbec continuous panels and the few visible joints allow for a very clean finish,” he adds.

Advantica-L®, a finish of choice

Advantica-L® pre-finished steel is the lucky winner in this project as it is easy to match it with other IMPs. Its finish gives it a more sophisticated look while shifting away from the “tinny box” effect for interior cladding according to Alexandre. With Advantica-L®, there is no compromise on aesthetics and interior design!

Learn more about this steel finish here:

The Donnacona project proudly illustrates the possibilities of insulated metal panels in an aquatic environment. Want to learn more about the creative avenues offered by Norbec’s IMP solutions? Contact us!

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