Sliding Doors

Timeless, Norbec’s sliding doors have become a standard in the supermarket and food processing industry.

Benefit from their ease of operation, robustness and energy savings.


  • Standard thickness from 3″ to 5”.
  • The width of the door can vary from 2″ to 60″ (up to 120″for a double door).
  • The height of the door can vary from 72” to 192”.
  • Other dimensions available on request.


  • White Silkline finish (Exclusive to Norbec)
  • Black Silkline finish (Exclusive to Norbec)
  • Stainless Steel finish
  • Natural embossed stucco finish
  • White embossed stucco finish
  • Other finishes available upon request.


  • Gravity fastener (optional)
  • Blockable in open position
  • Door interior reinforced by steel angles which offer solid anchor points.
  • Ball-type seals are held in place mechanically and are easily replaceable
  • The profiled aluminum surface threshold is welded to the frame for more robustness


  • Equipped with sturdy aluminum and nylon hardware for superior performance
  • Sealed precision bearing carriage with nylon sole ensure easy and durable operation
  • A guide roller is located under the door to reduce the overall footprint to a minimum
  • The rail is attached directly to the frame for added strength.


Door Technical Sheet CL-1750

Door Technical Sheet CP-140

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