Heavy Duty Door Frames

Several years of research and collaboration with customers have allowed the Norbec design team to develop robust and durable door frames.

Tailor-made to ensure both resistance and waterproofing

All doors can be combined with a choice of frames depending on its final use. Doors can either be recessed or mounted on the surface, depending on the chosen frames.

Integrated frame: PP330

Doors 36” (914.4 mm) and less are mounted directly on a standard width 47” (1193.8 mm) panel.

  • Norbec-exclusive ¼” (6.35 mm) thick aluminum jamb
  • The structure has a built-in thermal break to limit temperature transfer causing condensation and ice formation
  • Integrated frame design allows for a more aesthetic finish as well as ease of cleaning
  • A reinforcement design ensures durability and robustness eliminating the need for future adjustments
  • A groove provided for the heating wire makes it more accessible when in need of replacement

L-shaped aluminum frame: PL1600

Doors over 36” (914.4 mm) are made from an “L” aluminum frame with a thickness of ½” (12.7 mm). For freezers, a system, by default, integrates the double heating wire within the desired profile.

  • This unique Norbec framework is the most robust in the industry
  • L-shaped aluminum frames are ideal for intensive, impact-resistant environments
  • The frame has an integrated thermal break to limit the temperature transfer causing condensation and ice formation
  • Can be used with doors of any size

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