High Performance Doors

The performance of a cold room begins with the door design.

Wide range of doors providing both flexibility and sturdiness

Several studies and user recommendations have allowed Norbec’s team of engineers to innovate and develop durable door systems designed for intensive use while ensuring great performance.

Advantages of Norbec doors:

  • Highly flexible standard or custom-built
  • Galvanized steel reinforcements are integrated at hardware anchor points to ensure better durability
  • Heavy duty hardware provided
  • Compatible with any type of construction, new or existing with “cammed” or “continuous” panels.
  • Finishes and materials used provide resistance to corrosion and chemicals
  • Ease of maintenance, easily replaceable heater wire and seals, in addition to being grease and detergent resistant
  • Compliant with Canadian and US energy and health standards
  • Fast & simple installation

Norbec’s doors fit together with Norbec “cammed” or “continuous” panels.

Custom Doors: Technical Sheets

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