In the heart of Ft. Wayne, Indiana, tradition and innovation converge at Kuehnert Dairy Farm. Norbec is proud to have supplied a cold room solution adapted to Kuehnert Dairy Farm’s needs. They chose to go with 2 walk-ins, one cooler and freezer combo with 2 rooms, a storage cooler, 4 insulated doors and the necessary refrigeration systems. The walk-ins are made of 4” panels in white 26 ga galvanized steel with the silkline profile. The 2 cold rooms are used to store milk, ice cream, butter, curds, and dairy products.

Preserving Tradition, Pioneering Innovation: A Tale of Cutting-Edge Cold Storage Solutions

When it comes to dairy product storage, it is essential to maintain a precise temperature control tailored to the specific needs of various dairy items, from milk to ice cream and butter. Optimal humidity levels, efficient insulation and proper air circulation are crucial for preserving product quality. Careful attention to these aspects results in a cold storage environment that not only preserves but enhances the quality of dairy items while minimizing energy consumption and adhering to regulatory standards.

About Kuehnert Dairy Farm

Established in 1897, Kuehnert Dairy Farm is a fifth-generation family business dedicated to producing quality dairy cattle and milk. With 300 milk cows and a commitment to technological advancements, the farm spans 1,200 acres, showcasing a range of innovative farming practices, including robotic milking machines and advanced cow monitoring systems. They had a vision of taking the farm-to-table experience to new heights with the launch of the Milk House. As the farm prepared to launch its visionary Milk House in 2023, the challenge of seamlessly integrating cutting-edge cold storage solutions became a pivotal chapter in their journey.

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