In some environments, especially kitchens, the presence of moisture caused by dishwashers can lead to a risk of mold.

Factors that may influence condensation

  • Insufficient space ventilation around the cold room (natural or mechanical)
  • Lack of vapour barrier in the adjacent walls
  • Humidity levels, air flow, heating where the cold room is installed
  • Lack of floor leveling shims or concrete slabs under the panels
  • Adjacent wall structure (insulation factors)
  • Thickness of the modular panels (3 in (75mm), 4 in. (100mm)

To prevent this unfortunate situation, Norbec developed a solution to reduce the risk of mold accumulation around
the cold rooms.

The NovaFlo technology is a ventilation system installed above the cold room which allows a constant airflow around the room. The use of forced air guarantees sufficient temperature in the concealed space at all times preventing condensation buildup.

See Novaflo in action

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