NextGrip Slip-Resistant Floor

Increased safety measures contributing to a productive and enjoyable work environment

Many work environments such as restaurants, groceries and more, require specific equipment that need to be efficient while also meeting certain security standards for the safety of their employees. With its 35 years of expertise, especially in the food service industry, Norbec knows firsthand the risks that employees are exposed to on a daily basis in their work environment and the importance of offering products that answer to these concerns.

Accident risks arise with the variations in temperatures or with the presence of contaminants and liquids on the floor in walk-ins. The need for a clean environment is necessary but not always the case as liquids and frost can appear in a moment’s notice and are not always washed immediately. That is why it is essential to have the right type of floor, to reduce the risks of employees injuring themselves.

The new NextGrip is a slip-resistant floor for walk-ins featuring a unique embossed pattern strategically repeated in order to increase the points of contact with a shoe sole or an object resulting in an improved stability and adherence. This model creates a more secure and optimal environment for employees while also adapting to heavy load equipment. This embossed finish is easy to clean, durable, economical and reliable, especially with the presence of contaminants.

NextGrip is available in the following materials:

  • Stainless steel 18 gauge #2B
  • Galvanized steel in 18 or 16 gauge
  • Smooth aluminum 0.100 inches

Download the information sheet or technical sheet