Insulated Metal Panels:​ A Fire-Rated Solution for the Building Envelope

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Course Title:

Insulated Metal Panels:​ A Fire-Rated Solution for the Building Envelope


Credential :



Certified for:

1 hour(s) of continuing education


Course Description

The building-envelope is one of the most important elements of an architect’s design. Not only does it determine the aesthetic for the building it also dictates the performance of the structure for decades to come. 

The Insulated Metal Panel (IMP) features a mineral-wool core that delivers fire-rated protection and energy-saving thermal performance without compromising beautiful design. This course explains how the IMP meets those expectations and more in a cost-effective manner.

This course will deliver tremendous inspiration through project examples with numerous combinations of colors, materials, textures, and even curves that meet the functionality of any building type. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Define the role and composition of the Insulated Metal Panel (IMP) as a cladding solution for new projects and retrofits. 
  2. Explain how the mineral-wool core of the panel delivers fire protection, thermal performance, and resistance to moisture. Review the certifications to support this superior building-envelope solution. 
  3. Acknowledge the significant cost savings of the IMP through one-step/one-day installation and reduced energy costs to operate the building.
  4. Understand the IMPs contribution to green building including environment considerations in material sourcing, installation, building use, and life-cycle impact.
  5. Identify the numerous design options of the IMP including size, orientation, textures, profiles, colors, corners, openings, and curves to meet the needs of multiple industry applications. 

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