Newly Refurbished C-Store at Gormely Esso Gas Station

We offered our client complete front & left walls installed with tempered view glass including the door. This tailor-made solution meets the customer’s request for maximum visibility inside the walk-in.

There was a challenge to run drain line as there was no hookup point at this store. We therefore developed a unique solution by installing a pump to drain the water from the evaporator coil to outside of the cooler.

Convenience store projects need solid and durable builds to withstand intensive work environments. In addition, equipment in c-stores must be ergonomically arranged for an optimal and safe customer experience and work environment.

What’s our answer to meet these market particularities?

  • High-quality, ultra-robust materials – made for intensive use resistance and increased performance.
  • Custom solutions to suit your needs – construction according to the customer’s specific dimensions and requirements.

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