A brand-new Jollibee Outlet  in Scarborough, ON

It is an interesting project for us as there were lot of special needs required such as:

  • Customized Thermopane glass view windows on doors
  • Internal ramp for freezer room
  • Sliding Cooler door
  • Strip curtain – Wall mounting & more.

We find the right solution for you!

We had a delivery challenge on the custom made window from the supplier due to Covid-19. We did manage to deliver and install the walk-in Combo first without windows in order to open the outlet & begin their business operation as per their scheduled date. Later, once after received the window, we sent our installation team to install the custom-made windows on this walk-in at job site itself.

The client was so happy about this arrangement as we avoided the anticipated delay and also made the walk-in ready for their use from the day one of their operation!

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