Fire-Rated Solution for Building Envelope

Fire Rated

Noroc Has Outstanding Fire Protection

The rock wool core of Noroc’s continuous panel ensures fireproof construction to keep your investment safe.

Because we all care about the well-being of our employees and colleagues, as well as the sustainability of our financial activities, adopting Noroc‘s fire-rated solution proves to be a wise choice.

The demand for this insulated metal panel as increased for government and institutional buildings such as hospitals, schools and residences because of its mineral fibre core.

For superior fire protection, say yes now to our insulated metal panel technology made from rock wool and discover its different thickness options. Note that no matter the thickness of insulated wool you choose, Noroc panel offers superior fire protection for your peace of mind!

NEW Noroc 8 inches – Tested for 3 hour Fire Resistance

Protect Your Assets NOW! Don’t wait any longer and find out today about the special features of this innovative fire protection solution!

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