July 20, 2020

Fire-Rated Solution for Building Envelope

Noroc’s Outstanding Fire Protection The demand for fire-rated solution as increased for government and institutional buildings such as hospitals, schools and residences because of its mineral fibre core. Noroc Rock Wool PanelNoroc-L Joint The rock wool core of Noroc's continuous panel ensures fireproof construction to keep your investment safe. Because… Read More »
May 11, 2018

Steel Colours – Insulated Metal Panels

Let's Find Together the Ideal Steel colours for Your Project! Over the years, our partners have appreciated the possibility of creating contrasts on constructions by arranging light and dark tones or creating patterns on walls using our different profiles and steel colours. Because your creativity encounters no limit and we… Read More »
May 10, 2018


Fire-rated panel Vertical mounting Joint with concealed fasteners Different architectural arrangements Applications: exterior walls and interior partitions Read More »
May 4, 2018

Colours & Finishes

Norbec offers a wide variety of colors and finishes to accommodate any kitchen design. Furthermore, the trend of having the walk-in be a part of the kitchen is rising and can be achieved with the choices offered. Adding the touch of a profile can greatly enhance the overall esthetic wanted… Read More »
May 4, 2018

Steel Profiles and Finishes – Architectural Panels

Textured Steel for an Unique look Insulated metal panels are available in different steel profiles and finishes, allowing the creation of interesting contrasts. Once you have chosen the colors for the steel sheets, select a specific geometric pattern and/or add an embossed finish to them. Profiles Silkline (striated): Provides better… Read More »