Building Envelope Fundamentals : Designing with Insulated Metal Panels

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Course Title:

Building Envelope Fundamentals : Designing with Insulated Metal Panels


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Course Description

Discover how IMPs can help enhance the functionality of building, performance. You will gain a better understanding of the IMP’s constructability and physical properties, and its visual, and structural attributes, efficiencies, advantages and benefits for using IMP’s, in today’s design build world.

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss the advantages of designing with IMPs. Recognize how the IMP can offer the designer a solution for the building envelope, to resist varied and severe weather conditions, including fire safety, durability cost and energy efficiency. Understand jointed components. 
  • Identify cost savings and the efficiencies related to IMP installation in today’s competitive market. 
  • Identify how IMP’s can open up building concepts to take advantage the IMP’s easy systems and physical benefits, their ability to adapt to existing structures and turn-key buildings. 
  • Discuss how IMP’s can contribute to earning credits on LEED projects. 
  • Review projects where IMPs’ were able to create a tangible difference. Identifying and solving potential issues ahead of time, and providing solution driven options. 

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