How To Specify a Custom Walk-in Cooler


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Course Title: 

How To Specify a Custom Walk-In Cooler 


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1 hour(s) of continuing education 

Course Description 

Walk-in coolers and freezers are not just for restaurants. They’re found in schools, hospitals, food-processing plants, and laboratories. Sometimes a stocked, prefabricated walk-in will suffice, but most coolers and freezers require a custom solution. 

This course will walk you through the specification considerations for a custom walk-in including size, temperature, refrigeration, energy efficiency, floors, doors, and more. You’ll see how each area relates to one another in supporting an energy-conscious and durable walk-in assembly. 

Learning Objectives 

Review all components of a walk-in cooler/freezer assembly and how an energy-efficient refrigeration system works. 

Identify all the considerations when determining the size of a walk-in cooler including the products to be stored, shelves and carts, ventilation, and future needs. 

Determine a walk-in’s temperature based on type of products, humidity, usage, and more. 

Acknowledge the importance of the cooler’s insulated panels’ R-value, efficient refrigeration, and controls/monitors to meet or exceed energy-administration requirements.  

Explain how walk-in panels contribute to LEED v4. 

Address the importance of specifying the right door, floor, finishes, and other considerations. 

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