Insulated Metal Panels: Redefining the Building Envelope

Norbec is pleased to offer continuing education courses. You have the opportunity to attend these courses in person or virtually. Our presentations are given by our experts in building envelope, controlled environments and cold rooms.

In-person presentations are offered in a lunch and learn format.

Course Title:

Insulated Metal Panels: Redefining the Building Envelope

Credential :


Certified for:

1 hour(s) of continuing education

Course Description

Today’s specifiers expect cost-effective building solutions that deliver superior performance without compromising design or the environment. Participants will learn about the composition of IMPs and their performance. 

Discover the flexibility of IMP that significantly lower installation costs and shorten project timelines and learn their versatility in terms of color, material, texture, and design adaptations, including options for curved structures to suit various architectural needs. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. At the end of this course, participants will be able to:
  2. Define the role of the Insulated Metal Panel (IMP) as a cladding solution for new projects and retrofits. ​
  3. Explain how the IMP’s materials and factory assembly deliver superior thermal performance, fire protection, resistance to moisture, increased strength, and even acoustic control. ​
  4. Acknowledge the significant cost savings of the IMP through one-step/one-day installation and reduced energy costs to operate the building.​
  5. Understand the IMPs contribution to green building including environment considerations in material sourcing, installation, building use, and reuse/recycling at end of life.​
  6. Identify the numerous design options of the IMP including size, orientation, textures, profiles, colors, corners, openings, and curves to meet the needs of multiple industry applications.

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