FER’s New Equipment EXPO & Trade Show

June 2, 2020

After weeks of putting events on hold, we’re happy to be able to participate in our first virtual tradeshow!

Hosted by: Virtual NEXT

When? Tuesday June 9th from 1:00 to 5:00 (EST)

The Foodservice Equipment Reports’ Virtual Conference will offer attendees an enhanced learning, networking, and equipment browsing experience custom-designed with the industry and its current needs in mind.

Learn more: https://www.fermag.com/events/320-virtual-next-new-equipment-expo-trade-show

On the menu:

– Live chat with Jason Giuliani, Norbec Vice President of Sales

– Presentation of Norbec’s Walk-In Coolers & Freezers solutions and options:

  • Intelliref V2 Controller – simplifies refrigeration control by combining the functions of a thermostat and defrost time clock.
  • NextGrip Slip-Resistant Floor – features a unique embossed pattern to improve stability and adherence.
  • Doors – Norbec offers a wide range of doors providing flexibility, sturdiness and waterproof seal, designed to withstand daily activities throughout years.
  • Foot Pedal – gives users a hands free door opening option.


Register here: https://pages.services/advertising.fermag.com/virtual-event-2020/fer-virtual-conference-registration.html