Insulated Metal Panels, the Perfect Choice for Aquatic Centers

November 1, 2021

Insulated Metal Panels, the Perfect Choice for Aquatic Centers

An all-in-one solution, insulated metal panels meet the requirements of aquatic centers, which are often very humid and potentially corrosive environments. Alexandre Bélisle, Director of Research and Development and Technical Services at Norbec, mentions it in the fall edition of Steel Magazine.


The Growing Market of Insulated Metal Panels in Aquatic Centres


“It is natural that they will use big windows to make the look and feel of the aquatic centre more open. But those windows will also play a role into bringing heat inside this building,” says Bélisle. “Where the IMPs will play a big role is in containing the heat inside the building and helping regulate this heat.” 

In Brossard, Quebec, architects Héloïse Thibodeau Architecte and Vincent Leclerc designed the aquatic centre to have full glass walls at either end. On the exterior side walls of the building, panels in dark grey and white give depth to the façade.

he width of the panels means fewer joints, making it easier to maintain the environment inside the building. 

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