The Evolution of the Norbec Logo

July 4, 2019

Did you know that Norbec’s logo has evolved several times over its 35 years of existence?

Being close to its origins, Norbec’s first logo integrated the shape of Quebec, the province where all its activities begun and continue to this day. A company proud of its roots while also displaying the rest of North America and its borders.

At the end of the 90s, Norbec had built a strong reputation across Canada for its products and service. In order to support this important growth, the logo was subject to a redesign. The result? A dynamic and clean logo representing a company ready for new challenges across the globe.


Since 2016, the Norbec logo has been brought back to its origins in its simplest form. Using the company’s logotype as their new identity, it is now used across Canada and the United States, a market in which Norbec is slowly expanding into. The choice of blue and simple lettering gives the company a modern and elegant look. This new identity is perfect for the next step in Norbec’s evolution and fits accordingly for the different visuals within the company such as printed and promotional material while still distinguishing itself.

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