Open to its environment

It is more than 16,000 square feet of insulating panels that are fused into the agricultural landscape while respecting the eco-responsible vision of Beloeil’s concept.

The new aquatic centre soaks up its surroundings by offering a vision of the field and mountains from inside while organizing the space in such a way that each citizen will find something to his or her liking.

The complex’s facilities include a semi-Olympic-sized pool, sauna, family transit areas, recreational pool, beach, slide, bleachers, relaxation area, adequate parking and facilities for universal accessibility.

An exterior view built of contrasts

From the luminous look from the windows to the darker look along the Norex panels, the choice of materials, colors and textures disturb us in their beauty to blend in with their surroundings.

An interior glimpse of the glow of the sky

A design that allows you to exploit the full potential of sunshine while swimming with a view of Mont St-Hilaire and all the natural beauty of the setting.

Inside and out

The interesting architecture of the centre, which combines diverse geometrical forms will offer different points of view depending on where people are facing.


The Beloeil Aquatic Centre is a green project that is in line with Norbec’s mission to contribute to a sustainable world. It uses high-performance insulating metal panels for superior energy efficiency in combination with a white roof to reduce heat islands. Also noteworthy are the geothermal and rainwater management systems, the water-efficient plumbing fixtures and the location of the building, which was designed to provide maximum brightness and lighting that is modulated according to the outside light.

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