A splendid four-season arena for the city of La Prairie!

An optimal layout

Well expected by the citizens, this sports complex surpasses expectations with more than 500 individual seats on a heated slab, various rooms for sports organizations and of course, an ice surface the same size as the ones for the National Hockey League!

A harmonious blend of edge and conviviality

Norbec’s bright white Norex-L architectural panels give the building’s exterior façade an unmistakable shine while the imperial white of the interior steel allows for 360-degree light reflection.

These two representations, exterior and interior, show a remarkable chic and audacity, taking into account the various daring combinations of materials, colours and depths. A work-of-art in perfect harmony with the Symbiocité, its host district.

A vision of the future in favour of the people and the environment

In addition to the energy efficiency measures put in place, a space available for a second ice rink has been designed to eventually cover the needs of the growing population.

Our insulating and durable solution, which serves as exterior and interior partitions, protects the building’s infrastructures in addition to being in line with the ‘economically responsible’ philosophy that revolves around the project.

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