The Dekhockey of modern times

Located along Highway 640 in Saint-Eustache, the Dekhockey centre is a construction that required an investment of several million dollars. According to its owner Guillaume Tardif, this Dekhockey centre is “the most modern in North America”.

This sport complex will offer its guests four adhesive and gridded playing surfaces similar to hockey rinks. These areas will be surrounded by boards and a scoreboard giving a professional sports look. These facilities can also accommodate players and events from other sports disciplines and in the future, there are even plans to expand the installations to become a multi-sport centre.

In addition to the outdoor arena, there will also be a personalized gift shop on site where visitors can purchase equipment and get advice from a dekhockey specialist, a service area and a Café Dépôt franchise to serve healthy food and beverages to visitors.

The family, recreational or competitive dekhockey experience will take place in a jovial environment made from Norbec insulated metal panels. Dark grey and bright red accents lay over the bright white Norex-L panels form the main focus of this sporting décor. The corner entrance with its majestic high windows provides this taste of modernity to newcomers and makes them want to enjoy the interior facilities. As for the windows along the playing surface, they allow athletes and spectators to enjoy their snack break and let natural light into the complex.

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