The Exceldor plant in Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville becomes the benchmark in the poultry further processing sector in Canada.

In order to expand their product offering and acquire new market share, more than $31 million was invested in this poultry further-processing plant project. The purpose of this cooperative? To be able to offer consumers culinary solutions that can be prepared quickly. The Exceldor chicken processed in this plant, a production capacity of 12 million kg of poultry per year, is sold already cooked in grocery stores since 2014.

Food safety for consumers

The two-storey, 150,000-square-foot, two-storey building significantly enhances food safety standards. In fact, several features of the plant are designed to reduce the risk of contamination, including the separation of the locker rooms and cafeterias from employees working in the raw and cooked product sectors.

A social responsibility component

Choices aimed at reducing the environmental footprint have been made, such as the re-circulated thermal cooking oven or the installation of a heat pump to recover the heat released by the plant’s refrigeration systems and heat a water reserve that will be used for sanitary purposes. The operating requirements of the plant’s new activities will also allow for the creation of more than 250 jobs, a good scenario for the local economy.

A structure combining geometry, functionality, durability and aesthetics

The use of the steel structure in the construction of this building allowed the professionals to favour an abundance of natural light offering superior quality amenities and common areas for the front part of the plant where the offices and laboratories are located.

A design without limits with Norex-L

Thanks to the flexibility of Norbec’s Norex-L panels, special mouldings and panels could be added on the surface to minimize costs while giving an attractive architectural look. The charcoal gray of the insulated panels and their Silkline profile make the shine on the front all the more remarkable.

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