The Ronam team is proud of its collaboration with the firm Lainco for the design-build of this forum in the city of Edmundston, New Brunswick, Canada.

2400 Seats in Ice Mode and 3700 Seats in Show Mode

The Edmundston Community Amphitheatre is located in the heart of the Édupôle. Due to its technical and scenic design, the complex will be able to host major shows, trade shows and various cultural and community events as well as sporting events and ice activities.

A Product Offering you Great Flexibility

The versatility of Norbec Insulated Metal Panels (IMP) allows the construction of buildings that can accommodate multiple applications. Their superior thermal value ensures infrastructure preservation and durability. All trades can thus carry out their functions efficiently and safely.

Fastest Project Delivery

The lightness of the panels and the limited number of components during assembly make the installation a quick and easy process. The coating applied quickly on the structure leaves room for the interior and finishing work to be done sooner.

A Felted Look, Thanks to our Dark Norex-L Panels

The exterior of the Centre Jean-Daigle is unique and stylish with its 3-dimensional front and its elongated combination of dark grey panels, red bricks and majestic black-framed windows. The interior of the Amphitheatre retains the same look of depth thanks to the charcoal-coloured interior partitions. It can even be said that a theatrical appearance was recreated in the arena. The architectural panels used provide a warm and subdued atmosphere, a centre ready to host events, shows, athletes and their spectators.

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