Corbec Ontario

Hamilton plant is Corbec’s 5th location. The 115,000 square foot, 15-acre facility features fully automated material handling and state of the art environmental protection making it the largest, highest capacity and most cost-effective galvanizing operation in North America. With this new facility Corbec operates the top four largest and most modern galvanizing plants in Canada.

Creating a sustainable building

The new Corbec Ontario facility is uniquely designed to protect the surrounding environment in many ways. Using Norbec’s Insulated Metal Panels is another step in their sustainable direction. Our panels are made using recycled and sustainable materials to reduce the footprint on the environment. Norbec takes concreate continuous actions in order to be recognized as an open and transparent entity. As proof, we are a LEED certified manufacturer for our architectural and camlock panels.

LEED Certification


The number one advantage of insulated metal panels: Speed of installation

One of the main advantages that makes IMPs an innovative and economical alternative is that they are installed in one easy step once they arrive at the construction site. Traditional construction can require up to eleven steps, which can lead to longer installation times and some inconsistencies. Insulated panels are lightweight and require less time and labor to install.

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