Giant Tiger: New Head Office building in Ottawa is modern and energy efficient

Giant Tiger is a leading Canadian owned family discount store committed to providing on-trend family fashions, groceries, and everyday needs at the lowest prices possible. The new head office is located in Ottawa where the company was originally founded.

Custom Colour

Giant Tiger is known for the bright and electric yellow used across their branding. Norbec developed a new colour to match exactly what Giant Tiger requested for a bright and custom look. Colored Insulated Metal Panels (IMPs) are an excellent alternative to Aluminum Composite Materials (ACMs) for their superior insulating properties, ease of installation and low cost.

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Brightness all around!

The Giant Tiger head office is designed with a combination of IMPs and windows allowing natural light in abundance. This design also gives the building a modern and refine look that makes the building standout.


The number one advantage of insulated metal panels: Speed of installation

One of the main advantages that makes IMPs an innovative and economical alternative is that they are installed in one easy step once they arrive at the construction site. Traditional construction can require up to eleven steps, which can lead to longer installation times and some inconsistencies. Insulated panels are lightweight and require less time and labor to install.

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