Keeping Triple O’s supplies nice and cold

Triple O’s, a restaurant from Colborne, Ontario, needed a solution to keep its food cold, so NORBEC made and installed a custom combo walk-in just for them: a premium cooler and freezer, made to meet the restaurant’s needs and the most stringent safety, health and energy standards.


PP-340, a door to stand the test of time

Our hinged door provides superior sealing and resistance to moisture, salinity, strong chemicals, corrosion and heavy-duty restaurant usage. The outer and inner walls are mechanically assembled to prevent delamination due to repeated impacts. The impact-resistant PVC door frame acts as a thermal barrier by limiting heat transfer, in addition to offering an attractive finish and allowing for simple, effective cleaning.


IM4 technology driving efficiency

 The IM4 lighting, alarm and temperature monitor displays the temperature and several types of alarms, including high and low temperature, open door, loss of power, fan failure and panic. This innovative solution translates into energy savings, lower maintenance costs and more efficient operation.

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Dimensions: 6′ 7ʺ X 11′ 1ʺ
Wall height : 9′
Personalized options : 48ʺ LED light fixture | IM4 Monitor
Door : PP-340 model with 48ʺ aluminum protection kick plates on both sides for greater durability


Dimensions: 4′ 11ʺ X 7′ 11ʺ
Wall height : 9′
Personalized options : 18-gauge galvanized steel floor finish | 48ʺ LED light fixture | IM4 Monitor
Door : PP-340 model made to perfectly match the wall colour and finishing