Norbec panels proudly featured on Mr. Lube’s Markham location 

In the ever-evolving landscape of automotive maintenance, innovation is key to success. This rings particularly true for Mr. Lube, a company that focuses on offering high quality services. Demonstrating this commitment, Norbec Insulated Metal Panels have been selected for the building envelope of Mr. Lube’s Markham, Ontario location. In addition to being a practical solution, the bright silver color of our insulated metal panels harmonizes seamlessly with Mr. Lube’s brand colors, contributing to a visually striking building design. The eye-catching facade not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the building but also reinforces brand recognition, making the Mr. Lube facility easily recognizable and inviting. 

A Thoughtful Approach to Panel Selection 

In certain instances, it can be interesting to integrate mineral fiber core panels and polyisocyanurate core panels in a building envelope. This project is an excellent example of this combination. Opting for a combination of these two types of panels allows you to leverage the strengths of each material, creating a balanced system that offers excellent thermal and fire performance. 

Oil Stability and Equipment Performance  

Maintaining a consistent indoor temperature is crucial for the storage of oils and lubricants. Proper insulation helps in maintaining a stable indoor temperature, preventing oils from degrading due to temperature extremes. This can extend the shelf life and effectiveness of the oils used in the garage. 

Maintaining the right indoor temperatures is also crucial for the proper functioning of equipment, such as hydraulic lifts, air compressors, and oil storage tanks, which may be sensitive to temperature variations. 

About Mr. Lube 

Mr. Lube is Canada’s leading quick lube provider in the routine automotive maintenance sector. They offer a wide variety of automotive services from fluid changes and filter replacements to tire rotation and repair.  

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