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Tree House Brewing – Close to the Earth

Tree House Brewing Company believes deeply in long-term sustainability and contributing positively to society through responsible business practices and the implementation of cutting edge, environmentally friendly technological systems in the brewery.

Invest for the long haul and kill short-sightedness & respect the environment are their founding principles.

With our mission to contribute to a sustainable world by manufacturing high-performance insulated solutions, The Tree House Brewing Company has been able to find a partner in Norbec that is in symbiosis with the philosophy and values that make them their ‘raison d’être’.

In addition to being a project that fits in perfectly with its environment and recreates harmony with the products of the earth, it is a space with multiple facilities and activities on site that offers visitors an experience that is well worth the detour.

Facade with IMPs – Limitless Design Possibilities

We were thrilled to be able to provide over 36,000 square feet of 3-inch thick Norex-L continuous panels for superior insulation and energy efficiency of the brewery. The charcoal gray of the polyisocyanurate core insulated metal panels (IMPs) gives the building a chic contemporary look in contrast to the wood architectural elements on the façade that are reminiscent of nature. It’s the perfect union between pure and industrial materials.

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