HC-200 personnel door
January 28, 2022

HC-200, Insulated Metal Personnel Door

Introducting HC-200, The New Insulated Metal Personnel Door These polyurethane core steel service doors are designed specifically for use in food processing and passage areas, offices, restrooms and other amenities as well as interior grow rooms and horticulture facilities. These doors are designed to ensure safe foot traffic between your… Read More »
May 7, 2018

Doors adapted to rails

To ensure safety and avoid contamination, special equipment is necessary to handle larger pieces of meat. Norbec doors are easily adapted to add this type of equipment. Read More »
May 7, 2018

Embedded Components

To accommodate certain elements such as electrical, pumbling and communication lines, embedded box and pipes can be added in the panels along the walls and ceilings. These elements can either be recessed or be accessible depending on the specific needs of the project. Read More »
May 4, 2018

Traffic / Impact Doors

Traffic doors are ideal for environments where door opening and closing are frequent. Advantages of traffic doors Provide protection and separation of commercial environments in addition to providing a sound and visual barrier Fast and easy installation Suitable for multiple applications Easy maintenance Technical specifications Ultra-tough, lightweight, impact resistant polyethylene-coated… Read More »
May 4, 2018

Service Doors

Providing better accessibility, service doors are built with the same robustness as custom Norbec doors. Advantages of service doors Quick access to small quantities Great flexibility: choice of standard or custom construction Can incorporate a conveyor Several doors can be installed on the same panel Ease of installation and maintenance… Read More »
May 4, 2018

Sliding Doors

Timeless, Norbec’s sliding doors have become a standard in the supermarket and food processing industry. Benefit from their ease of operation, robustness and energy savings. Advantages of sliding doors Ideal for applications that require the use of equipment such as lift trucks. Robust materials that provide better durability Recommended for places… Read More »