April 22, 2020

Foot Pedal

Door handles are among the most germ-infested objects in kitchens. The product mounts on the bottom of the door giving users the option to avoid the door handle and open the door with their foot. Simple and safe! Help do your part to minimize risky contact by opening doors with… Read More »
May 10, 2018

Advantica® L Control

Advantica® L Control is a laminate specifically designed for controlled environments. This highly resistant finish meets the stringent requirements of controlled environments in applications such as food processing and preparation, cold storage and packing, pharmaceutical clean rooms and medical environment. These surfaces help to maintain clean and safe environments, surfaces… Read More »
May 4, 2018

Refrigeration & Compressors

Norbec offers a complete range of refrigeration systems to meet every need in different types of environments. Conventional units include the IntellirefV2 system with electronically controlled temperature and defrost cycle. Types of refrigeration systems offered: Refrigeration unit Pro3 (procube) Remote conventional systems Air-cooled Water-cooled Exterior condenser Evaporators Norbec offers comprehensive support to… Read More »
May 4, 2018

Intelliref V2 – Refrigeration Control System

The INTELLIREF V2 & INTELLIREF V2 Low Temperature controller simplifies refrigeration control by combining the functions of a thermostat and defrost time clock. This robust design provides a wide range of medium & low temperature applications with air electric* defrost. The built-in defrost clock performs defrost cycles according to scheduled… Read More »
May 4, 2018

Service Doors

Providing better accessibility, service doors are built with the same robustness as custom Norbec doors. Advantages of service doors Quick access to small quantities Great flexibility: choice of standard or custom construction Can incorporate a conveyor Several doors can be installed on the same panel Ease of installation and maintenance… Read More »
May 4, 2018

Hinged Doors

The materials used to build our hinged doors are durable and assure superior sealing. Our hinged doors are designed to comply with industry regulations such as sanitary standards, energy standards, and building standards. Norbec ensures that space constraints are also taken into account to better meet industry needs. The advantage… Read More »