New Door Brochure and Individual Technical Sheets

March 8, 2019

Robust | Water Resistant | Durable | Flexible

Working for the past 35 years alongside clients, installers and internal teams has led Norbec to conceive and design doors made to withstand time in multiple types of environments.

Norbec is proud to launch a new door brochure putting forth their expertise as well as individual technical sheets for each door, providing specific technical details and information on the models.

These durable and reliable doors, made of high-quality materials offering superior isolating properties, are custom manufactured to answer the needs of their clients and their projects.

Norbec doors not only have exceptional performance but are also used for multiple types of projects such as freezers, walk-ins, food processing plants, butcheries, controlled environment rooms as well as building envelopes, to name a few.

No matter the space, activities conducted or daily usages, there’s a door for every type of project.

Download our Door Brochure


Download our extensive range of door technical sheets and find out which door model is suitable for your next venture.