‘’We choose to work with Norbec’s Insulated Metal Panels because of their quick installation and insulating performance, as well as supporting a local company!‘’


About Foliot Furniture

Foliot Furniture is a Quebec family business founded in 1991. Designer and manufacturer of furniture for student residences and hotels, the company now distributes its products throughout North America.

A New Production Plant in Mirabel

Thanks to the new facilities of 170,000 sq. ft., Foliot Furniture becomes one of the only North American furniture manufacturers able to produce and self-supply melamine.

At the Forefront

Visible from Highway 50, it is a striking color contrast that will arouse the curiosity of drivers. The use of Imperial White and Charcoal Grey Norex-L Architectural Panels on the façade is a judicious choice for a modern and innovative look, a design in line with the company’s ever forward-looking approach.

Brightness at its Best

The entrance to Foliot Furniture and the adjacent wall are dressed with several windows allowing natural light to penetrate. These windows allow employees to get closer to nature in addition to acting as decorative element.

Insulated Metal Panels (IMPs)

In addition to allowing great flexibility and infinite design possibilities, building with IMPs means choosing …

  • A quick and easy installation
  • Significant energy efficiency
  • In addition, saying yes to a cost-effective solution!


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