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For this project, Norbec had to develop an 8″ thick rock wool Noroc panel with a 3h fire resistance. Unfolding such a panel required the adaptation of our assembly line to increase the capacity of the line to handle very heavy panels, i.e. 7-8Ibs / sq. ft.

The panels had to be tested and certified within a short period of time. Fortunately, we got the certifications just in time for the installation.

The building is very tall and the spacing of the structural elements was greater than required for the installation of the panels. Norbec’s R&D team developed a unique anchoring system for this project, increasing the anchoring capacity by nearly 30% and thus meeting the structural constraints. This anchor, although larger and longer to install, now allows us to respond to certain special cases where previously we would have required structural modifications. The additional cost for the anchors is minimal compared to the modification of a steel structure.

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